Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is ranked 25th on the New York Times’ recently-released list of places to visit in 2012, making it a popular destination for travelers. One of the favored attractions in the downtown area is the unique Tennessee Aquarium. The Aquarium tells the story of the river – following the path of a raindrop from the streams of an Appalachian Forest to the Gulf of Mexico – the journey from the mountains to the sea. Just some of the additional attractions to Chattanooga include:


  • Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport
  • The Chattanooga Choo Choo, a former railroad station, once owned and operated by the Southern Railway, listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain and Rock City tourist attractions
  • Wonderful restaurants and shops in the revitalized downtown area as well as surrounding communities

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